Sri Lanka Red bull Island hopping.

Time is flying by here in Sri Lanka, with wind every single day since I arrived over a month ago for 7m or 9m. My 11m is still a virgin. Progression is going fast and Im looking forward to edit and post my movie from this trip.

This weekend the guys from Red Bull and Kitesurfing Lanka made a race event based on a 26 KM downwind race. In this race we mastered everything from open ocean with massive shore break to amazing flat lagoon water. It was a very good organised event from the Asian Red bull people and it all went safely down.

My goal for this event was to be the fastest woman, and I achieved that!! Came in 25 min after the grand winner and 25 minutes before the second girl!! Overall with the men I ended up on 26th place, I did the 26km in 1 hour and 5 minutes. A bit sad that it was only prices for the fastest racers, no separation of men and women. Equal opportunities for sure, but in all sports event it should be a girls division and a men! I anyway achieved my goal and is very happy about that!! After a whole lot of Red bull during the day we went to party with all the people from the race and had a amazing time!!

Now its hard progression time and filming time, sticking all my last tricks consistent and learn more more more.

(Photos borrowed from the amazing Anastasia Zhebyuk)

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